Neural Computing

Here are some of the assignments implemented for my Neural Networks class. Most of them are available for download. All other examples were omitted because of their limited usefulness.

1. Perceptron.  This program can run one or four perceptrons in different modes- step-by-step, animation or run. A new  linearly separable task is set on each run automatically.

Download it (68K)

2. Madaline. Classical XOR problem. You can go in a step-by-step mode to observe solution process or just run it .

 Download it (67K).

3. Kohonen Net (SAM). This program simulates a Kohonen net covering one or four regions. Parameters of the network can be changed dynamically during execution so that behavior of the network can be observed. 

Download it (68K).

4. Backpropagation. An example of using backpropagation for style - independentcharacter recognition. Very simple set of features extracted from a character wasused, providing sufficiently good results (at least to get a grade for it ;-))
Download it (123K).


5. Application of neural networks in something 'real'. If you wonder how a neural net can be applied to a real - world problem you can find some answers on my ALPS (Automated Lumber Processing System) page. A neural network solution is used to recognize different damages on wood.