MPX project

(MultiProgramming Executive)

In brief, this project deals with multiprogramming operating systems and techniques used to build them. Final result is a cut-down version of multiprogramming operating system (MPX). It runs on a IBM-PC compatible computer and supports basic functions of a multiprogramming OS. C used as implementation language. The *funniest* part of it is user and programmer documentation.
A sample screen capture is here:

You can download file containing executable code. It will run under DOS or Windows. Don't forget to type HELP to get info on available commands. Files with extension .mpx are executables, but according to the assignment, load and run operations are separated. You should RESUME a newly loaded process before it will start. You would need additional equipment (a serial terminal) to fully utilize capabilities of MPX. Be careful - some testing procedures are in eternal loop - care for your printer !!!