Fuzzy logic inference engine for Java

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EE509, Fall 2003
Fuzzy Logic and applications

Class Notes

Week 1: First class meeting
             Building GUI in Matlab and Java
             Introduction (pdf)

Week 2: Basic concepts (pdf)
            Membership functions(pdf)

Week 3: Kosko's video

Week 4:  Fuzzy relations (pdf)
             Fuzzy logic (pdf)
             Fuzzy inference (pdf)

Week 5:
             Fuzzy system example (pdf)
             Practical Implemetation of Fuzzy Inference (pdf)

Week 6-7: Fuzzy control (pdf)

Week 8: Introduction to HW5
             Evolutionary fuzzy systems: introduction

Week 9: Evolving fuzzy controller

Week 10: Pattern recognition

Week 11-12: Introduction to neural networks
             Neuro-fuzzy systems


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