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Building GUI interfaces in Matlab


This example shows how to build user GUI in Matlab. We will build a simple calculator to do that.

Start gui builder by typing

 Select "Blank GUI", click OK

The GUI window will open

Resize the design window.
Using the pallette on the left, drag and drop, resize and position the canvas, buttons, and static text windows.

Double-click on an object to open the properties dialog. Change the captions on the buttons and remove "Static Text" string from the text window. Set the font size 30 for the text windows  and change horizontal alingment to "right."


The GUI is finished. Save the work.
The rest of the design process will take care of the functionality provided by each GUI component.

Open the matlab editor by typing
>>edit foo.m
where foo.m is the name of your design

Each time you press a button, a callback function is executed.
For example, in this particular case, a click on button "1" will call the following function:

This function will have to be modified to provide required functionality.
Buttons "0"-"9","+","-","*","/" will add corresponding symbol to the text string displayed on the top. For button "1" the code will look like:

Do the same for the rest of the buttons, except "=".
The "=" button should evaluate the text string in the text window and return the result.

Now the calculator is ready to use. Of course, it misses a lot of functionality,  but


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