EE363, Fall 2005
Software Components and Generic Programming


Reading Chapter 1, Appendix 1-3

HW1: Due 09/05/2005
Lab 1 from book Web site (send your lab results to currydj@clarkson.edu)
Problem 1.4 from the book (either bring a printout to class or email to the address above)

HW2/Project 1: Due 09/16/2005

HW2: Due 09/16/2005. Individually go over the MFC Tutorial 1, and following instructions from the tutorial create all 3projects (Hello World application, manual Counter and automatic Counter applications) on your computer. All project files should be created in a single solution space named HW01 (YourLastName, YourFirstName).

How to submit HW2: Delete the *.ncb file and all “debug” directories, compress the solution, email the compressed Solution file to currydj@clarkson.edu, place the following information into the e-mail Subject field: EE363: HW02 (LastName, FirstName).

Project 1: Due 09/16/2005. Use instructions in this document. Help sessions where you can ask questions about building this project will be held on September 12 and September 14 in CAMP177 1pm-1:50pm.


Contact the instructor at: